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Season 2 on absoluteLEIGHtv:

Pyschic Medium Chris George Follow-up http://youtu.be/fXIn2a7dSnU.

April Fool’s Day episode. http://youtu.be/tNSmDhUSkNI.

Episode four. http://youtu.be/0mM1QryeOiU.

Episode three. http://youtu.be/r5aHv7q4z-I.

Episode two. http://youtu.be/g0RH-3TagNE.

Episode one is below.  http://youtu.be/CKil9CWfkNw.

Galaxies colliding, queens ruling, Chicago love, and more.  All in 6 minutes or less!

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Season 1 on absoluteLEIGHtv:

Season one has wrapped.  We filmed 11 one-hour episodes, exploring topics such as burlesque, psychic powers, royal lineage, crystal acupuncture, and much, much more.  Here is the reel:

Watch full length episodes here:  http://www.leighcambre.com/absoluteleightv/s1/.


Airing Information:

absoluteLEIGHtv posts on YouTube.  You can find our YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/absoluteLEIGHtv

Live Studio Audience Information:

We do not have a live studio audience this season.  As we need audience members, we will keep this updated.

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Hosted by Leigh Cambre, Life Coach, actor, and performer since 2005, this bi-weekly series tackles a broad range of topics to help the viewers live their lives openly, honestly, and boldly.  Leigh brings his curiosity for the world to an entertaining and fun hour of a variety of topics, from personal stories to headline news, finishing with a truth of a day.  He offers his viewers a new perspective on life and encourages taking bold action to live the life of your dreams.


“I’ve been social since I was in Kindergarten.  I was moved from the community table in my classroom for talking so much….and I had no idea why!”  Clearly, Leigh has been using his voice since he was very young.  He quickly found performing to be an outlet for him and excelled both academically and artistically through high school.

While attending the University of Texas in Austin, he was chosen as a “Leading Longhorn” by Orange magazine in 2005 and was also awarded Campus Advisor of the Year.  He graduated with a double Bachelor’s in Communication Studies and Deaf Education.  He immediately moved to New York City to pursue his dream of becoming a musical theater actor, “the hardest thing I could imagine doing.”  Though he felt comfortable singing, his acting was good (not great) and he could keep a beat, but was no dancer.

After moderate success, he decided to change his focus.  In 2010, he committed to becoming a host.  That June, Oprah held a contest for her reality show on her new network.  The winner would get their own talk show.  Against 9504 other competitors, Leigh placed 21st place, with over a million votes.  This sealed his fate and propelled him to making his own talk show come into fruition.

On March 22, 2011, absoluteLEIGHtv was launched onto the internet for the world to see, and Leigh could not be more thrilled.

Click here for some background information on the show.


For links to videos from episode 6:

A Day Made of Glass:  http://youtu.be/6Cf7IL_eZ38
A Day in the Life of Air Traffic Over the World:  http://youtu.be/G1L4GUA8arY
THE RINGS OF THE EARTH , 3DS Max Animation:  http://youtu.be/UT2sQ7KIQ-E
Signs:  http://youtu.be/uy0HNWto0UY
Forrest Gump in One Minute, in One Take:  http://youtu.be/nOvgJ0TxdfI
Zombie Kid likes turtles:  http://youtu.be/CMNry4PE93Y
New Jamba Juice Cheeseburger Chill Smoothie!:  http://youtu.be/W_oLzOBgIRU
Nike Tag:  http://youtu.be/fpyhpisoWf4
Embrace Life – always wear your seat belt:  http://youtu.be/h-8PBx7isoM