absoluteLEIGHtv – Season 1 Episodes

Season one, our inaugural season, was such a journey of trial and error.  You can see the HUGE growth from episode 1 to episode 11:  we grew by leaps and bounds!!!  We even changed our name from absoluteLEIGH to absoluteLEIGHtv to differentiate ourselves.

I am eternally grateful to eGarage (you can find out more at www.egarage.tv) for sponsoring this show and allowing it to get off of its feet.  Without them, I would not be where I am today.

Episode 11:

absoluteLEIGH (Episode 11) – Cyndie Suarez & Joyce Rockwood from LYT, Bobby Aduna, and Alternative Healing Modalities

Episode 10:

absoluteLEIGH (Episode 10) – Rev. Michael Pergola & Dr. Rev. Jane Galloway, New Thought Leaders, the Religion Overview Episode

Episode 9:

absoluteLEIGH (Episode 9) – Barry Cohen, Career Counselor

Episode 8:

absoluteLEIGH (Episode 8) – Heather Hammond, Aerial Dancer and Instructor

Episode 7: This episode was recorded but the owner of the studio refused to edit it, saying it was a “personal plug”.

Episode 6:

absoluteLEIGH (Episode 6) – Best of YouTube: My Favorite YouTube Clips

Episode 5:

absoluteLEIGH (Episode 5) – Tony George, Creative Expression Expert

Episode 4:

absoluteLEIGH (Episode 4) – Chris George, Psychic Medium

Episode 3:

absoluteLEIGH (Episode 3) – Nathan Manske, I’m From Driftwood

Episode 2:

absoluteLEIGH (Episode 2) – Kitty Cavalier, School of Charm & Cheek

Episode 1:

absoluteLEIGH (Pilot Episode) – Donna Barnes, Relationship Life Coach