I believe the best way to understand someone is to look at where they came from.  This is the story of where I came from.

I was born in Longview, Texas on January 23, 1982. It’s easy to remember: 1-2-3. My dad was a Methodist pastor and my mother was a stay-at-home mom. If you’re not familiar with Methodists, the pastors are moved to another church an average of every 4 years, so I went from Hughes Springs to Van to Groves to Houston before my dad decided to decline job transfers until I could graduate from the same high school my oldest brother had graduated from. I was very, very grateful for that.

My parents shaped a lot of who I am. My dad is a very ethical, humble man who carries himself like the absent-minded professor. He is infinitely interested in knowledge and science, yet dichotomously leading people as their spiritual director with a Doctorate in Ministry and a passion for all things other-worldly. My mother, not to be overshadowed, is an outgoing, optimistic, and passionate human being who I would quickly categorize under “life experiencer.” She has a curious soul and loves to try many things, leading her into professions such as porcelain restorer, modeling clay jewelry maker, high school counselor, aerobics instructor, clown, antique shop owner, eBay power seller, among many others. She holds a Bachelor’s in Childhood Development and a Master’s in Counseling, which definitely rubbed off on me. She currently holds the title of the number one International Thyroid Patient Activist. You can see, I was influenced by two passionate, intelligent people and I picked up many of their curiosities.

For college, I was accepted to many universities, but ultimately chose the University of Texas at Austin. I dived in deep, joining as many organizations as I was interested in to discover more about my personality. I discovered my joy was mostly in Longhorn Singers (LHS) and working as an Orientation Advisor (OA). Both were large group activities, had a large audience, and entailed performing. I got my hosting feet wet as an OA, hosting programs such as Say What Karaoke, Singled Out, and Newlywed Co-Chair Game. During LHS, I performed both in the group and as a featured soloist in every performance, and won the Best Overall award. I was named a Leading Longhorn my senior year by the university’s Orange magazine. I graduated with Honors with a Bachelor’s in Communication Studies and a Bachelor’s in Deaf Education, as well as attaining a Business Foundations Certificate.

After graduation, I quickly moved to New York City, where I have worked many odd jobs myself, including as a manager for Jamba Juice, a waiter at Rosa Mexicano, and now balancing multiple part-time jobs. One of those jobs, as a undercover job applicant, got national attention because of the illegal discrimination by J. Crew. I currently work as a talk show host, a Life Coach, a Chipotle mystery shopper, a cater waiter, and a merchandise seller at Live! with Kelly (and previously LIVE! with Regis & Kelly).

My interests are wide and varied, including:

  • American Sign Language
  • spirituality
  • communication techniques
  • television
  • sugary foods, especially Blue Bell ice cream and chocolate
  • the universe, stars, and the news we keep discovering about it
  • YouTube and viral videos
  • behaviors

My values are more focused. I know what drives me and I’m happy to share it. I love being alive and living in the moment. I love laughing and the situations around it. I love helping others fulfill their dreams. I love pure joy/bliss moments. I love views from high up. And I love the visualization of being on stage, whether literally or figuratively (through TV or the internet), and sharing my joy with billions.

And finally, click here to read my bucket list.