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My solo spot at Sacred Center singing Taller, Stronger, Better

This has been a huge dream of mine to sing this song at Sacred Center.  It is one of my all-time favorite songs.  Guy Sebastian is the original singer.  He is the winner of season one’s Australian Idol (their Kelly Clarkson).   It is not only beautiful to listen to, but the message is touching.


My audition for Moviefone

I figured, hell, why not? This captures my personality and angle quite well.

My Oprah show contest submission

I submitted to get onto Oprah’s new reality show called “Your OWN Show.” The winner of the show will get their own talk show on her new TV network, the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). I got 21st place out of 9504. Over a million votes! They took the top 8. Boo.

My audition tape to play Leaf in the “25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee”

I got cast. LOVED IT!

My audition tape for the national tour of RENT

This was for a contest. I ended up getting 17th place out of 140, but only the top 3 moved on.

As host for LineTeVe’s “Web Review”

I hosted for a short lived online web show. For this program, I arrived to work and they gave me 10 minutes to come up with a full episode, so what you’re watching is COMPLETELY improvised from some bullet points I had just come up with (and never looked at). The company sponsoring me fell through after a couple of episodes, but I’m grateful to have done this series for the one episode it aired. It was a great experience, though amateurish for sure.


Human Mattress Dominoes on LIVE! with Regis & Kelly

I’m actually in the Guiness Book of World Records because of this

My first time on the Today show

I made this video to show people about the time I got to be in the audience of the Today show. I was working for a promotional company to promote Charlie Murphy’s new sketch comedy series.