Bose is Me

I’m a big fan of Bose In-ear Earphones. I’m on my fourth pair. My most recent pair (MIE2i) was made exclusively for Apple products. And OMG has it been through the ringer: I left it in .

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casey's wedding

Wedding Gifts Etiquette

I recently posted on Facebook about my naivety in regard to wedding gift giving. I got SO MANY replies, I had to make a blog post about this!!! Here’s the summary that everyone should know. Rega.

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predictive text

Why Both Apple and Google Have It Wrong

I have an HTC (read:  Google Android) smartphone.  But I also have an iPod and an iPad (read: Apple).  I have been fortunate to see the pros and cons of both.  They both have their advantages.  T.

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survey pie

My Address Survey Results

My friends are hilarious.  Every year, I ask some of my friends for an update of their contact information.  I often do it using a Google Form, which simplifies it for them, but means that they may .

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There is beauty in death

[I was really torn about writing this post.  It’s a very personal post.  My gut is saying I need to share it, though.  All names are changed to protect privacy] It’s late.  I’m a.

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magnifying glass

How You Found My Site

God I love Google Analytics! I was looking up details on how people were finding my life coaching business.  On a whim, I decided to see how people were finding my personal website in the past year. .

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I won!

I hate it when contest winners say, “I never win anything!” As the cliche goes, you were once the winning sperm. Millions tried, one succeeded: you. You won when you passed the first grade.

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a-c vent


I could have died yesterday, along with my five co-workers.  We were in serious danger and didn’t even know it. I was scheduled to work a party in the Hamptons, which is about a 2 hour drive fr.

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Earthquake in NEW YORK CITY!

I WAS JUST IN MY FIRST EARTHQUAKE!!! I was trying to take a nap because I had gotten up REALLY early (at 10a) and was already exhausted (at 2p).  20 minutes in, I rolled into a more comfortable posit.

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Dead Mouse

Saw a mouse about a week ago. Not again. So I put out mouse traps, but to no avail thus far. The exterminator happened to come by two days ago, so he put out sticky pads to block the likely pathways. .

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absoluteLEIGH is now absoluteLEIGHtv

…not that you care.  Or would have noticed.  But this is a great change!! If you google absoluteLEIGH, there are about 3 other people that have come up with the same name.  As witty and origi.

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I Will Not Be Outrun!

I have taken on a new mantra. Will Smith said to Tavis Smiley on his show, in response to a question about what makes him different:  “The only thing that I see that is distinctly different abo.

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20 Reasons Why Winter is Better

1. Sweaty pits from walking across the street? Gone. 2. When I get out of the shower, my towel is waiting on the rack, warmed by the heating pipe. 3. Another bathroom advantage: because the bathr.

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tv studio

absoluteLeigh on

UPDATE:  Weekly details posted at I am SO thrilled (and SO terrified) to be announcing the RETURN OF absoluteLEIGH!!!!!!!! Backstory After 3 years of moderate succes.

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You asshole!

I was called an asshole yesterday. I decided last minute to attend my friend’s ‘just because’ party. A whole group of co-workers I knew were also invited. During the night, one of.

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